Nishith Nand

February 20th, 2012 by Nishith Nand

About Me

I am a programmer, based in Mountain View, California.

Currently, I am working on my master’s degree in software engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
Before joining this course, I had worked in the software industry for four and a half years, in a range of companies
from startups to large corporations.

I have worked on designing and developing large-scale distributed components using C and C++ in Linux.
I was part of the team that built a highly available middleware platforms for blade servers.
I have also designed and developed complex websites using Ruby on Rails and Django, for different projects.

I have built webmail capture and decode solution for a lawful intercept service. This started as a research project
and turned into a deployed product.

Apart from webmail, I have built reliable intercept solutions for targeting and decoding multimedia protocols on the web.

As part of a research project, I built three demo apps using OpenCV on Android, these can be found on the project page.

As part of my studies at Carnegie Mellon I’ve been honing my software engineering skills by learning to apply software metrics, risk management,
implement methodologies, design architectures and a lot more.

I am a video game aficionado and would love to design and develop them.

Technology excites me. I am always looking out for new ways in which it can solve problems, make our lives easier and better.
I moved to the heart of the silicon valley for an opportunity to build amazing things.
I follow this industry very closely and see a lot of opportunity to improve things.

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